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How many passengers do the freighters carry?

Usually up to twelve, however, in many cases no more than five or six.

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What will my fellow freighter passengers be like?

They are usually people who love adventure and who do not enjoy regimentation. Large groups and organized activities are not for them! Rather, the excitement of surprise and discovery is their motivation. They often are people who can take lengthy periods of time off ... such as teachers, entrepreneurial types who run their own businesses as well as retired people.

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What will the accommodations be like?

All suites and staterooms are of a good standard, spacious, equipped with air conditioning, private facilities and shower, carpeted and handsomely furnished. Located on the upper decks and on the outside of the vessel, all cabins have windows, however, the view can sometimes be obstructed by the containers stowed on deck. Some cabins are also equipped with a TV/VCR and refrigerator. Bed linen and towels are changed once or twice a week.

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What other passenger facilities are provided?

Most vessels have a swimming pool, sauna and fitness room, as well as a passenger lounge with TV/VCR and stereo sets and small video and book libraries. Deck space can be limited, however, there is always room for sunbathing and deck chairs are usually provided.

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What is included in the fare?

The passage fare includes accommodation and three meals per day. Passengers dine with the ship's officers and, on many vessels, enjoy complimentary wine at lunch and dinner. The pantry is usually always open to anyone fancying a light snack. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are available on all vessels, at duty free prices.

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Is there an age limit?

The age limit applied is usually 77, on some ships 80. There are exceptions, however, especially on shorter, coastal routes, and in those cases when there is a larger group of passengers on board (more than 12), when a doctor must be on board as well.

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Are there any health requirements?

All passengers must ensure that they are fully fit to travel and have no serious medical condition. A medical certificate must be duly completed and signed by both your physician and yourself confirming that you are able to travel on a freighter where there is no doctor on board.

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What is the dress code on board?

Casual dress is always appropriate. For your protection and enjoyment, please remember to pack the following: warm clothing (windproof and waterproof), walking shoes, gloves, binoculars and a lot of film for your camera.

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How far from the town/city center do the vessels usually dock?

Vessels dock at terminals which are often situated outside the center of a town or city. Taxi transportation can be arranged by the port agent who will be on board when the vessel arrives.

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What about currency?

It is usually necessary to pay cash for on board purchases. Personal and traveller's cheques are not accepted on board and neither are credit cards. For use ashore, take a supply of local currencies with you, preferably in small denominations. Most vessels do not have exchange facilities.

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Is insurance compulsory?

All passengers must take out an International Health and Accident Insurance, and Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is recommended.

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How can I learn more about traveling on freighters?

We recommend Maris Freighter Cruise and Travel Club Int'l. Membership gets you special discounts and online newsletter titled Seaworthy News.

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